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LuminX - High-Res Skin for Launcher X

LuminX Hi-Res Skin 1.0.3 for Launcher X
[Download] - 100KB

Supported platforms:-

  • Sony OS 4
  • Palm OS 5
  • Palm Hi-Res (320x320)
  • Palm Hi-Res (320x480)
  • Palm Hi-Res Landscape (480x320)
  • Sony Hi-Res (320x320)
  • Sony Hi-Res (320x480)
  • Sony Hi-Res Landscape (480x320)
  • Requires Launcher X

This is an unofficial high-res Active Skin for Launcher X.


  • High-Res 320x320, 320x480
  • Landscape on devices supporting this mode
  • New Title Bar layout
  • New Gadget Background
  • Some gadget icons have been redesigned
  • Over 30 new tab icons
  • Battery now uses blue juice
  • Support for Basic, Top, Left and Right layouts
Note: You'd need to change the Launcher X Screen Colors to 65536 colors for best effect. You can find this setting under Launcher X Preferences.

Change Log

1.0.3 - 7 February 2004
  • Added support for Palm OS 5 Landscape mode, ie. Tungsten T3, Clie UX50.

1.0.2 - 30 August 2003

  • Fixed number of rows of app icons displayed when the gadget bar is hidden. An extra row of icons are displayed in certain layouts.

1.0.1 - 6 July 2003

  • New: Support for Sony Clie's running Palm OS 4 with colour Hi-Res.
  • New: Launcher X's Basic layout is now supported via a separate skin LuminXB.
  • Minor fixes to images.

1.0 - 28 June 2003

  • First release.

Have fun! :-)